What is vpn?Virtual private network-Vpn.

Today we gonna talk about Vpn.

What is a VPN?

 Virtual Private Network or VPN. It is a routing process on a computer network so that you can connect to the actual server from one server to another without being directly connected. This allows you to connect to blocked websites and servers in any country. In addition, one of the advantages of using VPN is to keep your internet data encrypted and secure. Especially  any expert person in the Wi-Fi zone will be able to track your internet browsing. 
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Virtual private Network hosting.

Why do you need a VPN?

 Suppose you use Spotify. But it is not possible to use Spotify service from your country because this service is not available in your country. In this case you can use this service with VPN. On the other hand, the government of any country can block social sites depending on the situation in the country. The only solution to unblock these sites is VPN.
VPN can also be used for many official purposes. Doing a lot of important work with VPN can protect against hacker attacks.

How does VPN work?

When a computer, laptop or mobile is connected to a VPN, the device connects to the VPN server and creates a virtual network that is only for your device. This is why it is called a virtual private network. All your internet traffic such as browsing, downloading, server connection will all become VPN connected server.In this case, VPN is able to do such a thing that you will feel the Internet from your country, you are in the country of VPN connected server. By doing this, you can keep your browsing safe by going to the public Wi-Fi zone, and you can use services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify sitting in the country.Because when you are VPN connected, your computer will go through any website with an encrypted VPN connection. In this case VPN acts as a secure connection between your computer and the website you will connect with. So with hidden VPN easy to use blocked websites and services by hiding geo location.
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Virtual Private Network.

How to use VPN and which VPN is better?

 There is currently no shortage of free VPN software and to get most of the VPN services you have to open an account on those VPN websites. After that you have to download and install the registered software. All you have to do is install and connect the app from the App Store.However, this free VPN software does not have servers in all countries. Also some VPNs may force you to use paid services after using a certain amount of bandwidth. The advantage of premium VPNs is that their connection process is more secure and in this case paid VPNs are able to give you the maximum amount of internet security.
In addition, paid VPNs can connect to servers in almost all countries and premium VPNs are less likely to lose data.
Here are some popular VPN software:-
Turbo VPN, Super VPN, Tomato VPN, Express VPN, Cyberghost VPN, Hot Shield VPN Etc.

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