Harmful aspects of mobile phone.

Harmful aspects of mobile phone: -

Nowadays, people have become so dependent on technology that they cannot survive without technology. Technology has made our lives easier and simpler. Technology has its advantages as well as its disadvantages.

At present we are busy with mobile phones most of the time. Mobile phones have reduced this distance for us. It has brought people closer. We are getting the benefits of mobile step by step but it also has some dangerous disadvantages. Today we will discuss the evils.

The disadvantages of mobile phones 
are: -
A study has found that about 80% of the world's people are addicted to mobile phones. Which is not a good sign at all, scientists say. According to a survey conducted by scientists, mobile addiction is more prevalent among children aged 12-25 years.
As a result, their mental balance is being lost and their studies are being severely damaged.

Excessive mobile usage is also causing them physical damage. Symptoms of various physical problems such as headaches, ear problems, eye problems, brain problems, etc. occur.

Mobile produces a high level of radiation which is extremely harmful to the human body. This is to cripple people. We all talk more or less on the phone. But talking on extra phones causes radiation in our brain and various diseases in our brain.

However, just as mobile phones have advantages, they also have disadvantages. We should ensure proper use of mobile phones and give up the habit of using extra mobile phones.
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